Traveling in Italy

In the middle of 2015, tired of a life of certainty and feeling weighted down by all of our stuff, we sold our house in Palo Alto and our cars, put our art collection and a few other things that meant something to us in storage, gave the rest to charity, and hit the road. You can read more about that in Our Story.

We are two ordinary people who, because of the way we travel, have had some extraordinary experiences. We have learned that traveling is not about the sights, but about the experiences you have. What we write about is those experiences, especially the ones we’ve had exploring the white space between the lines of an itinerary. Our latest post is about what we have learned about traveling in Austrailia. We are currently back in Italy after spending a few months traveling through India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Croatia, Italy, and the United States and we’ll be posting about our experiences soon.

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  1. I am so inspired…..and will be living vicariously through you along the way. I just hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so have fun in Peru. What a wonderful country.

    Congratulations on a life well lived.

    Warm regards, Connie

    1. Author

      Thanks Connie, that’s exciting. Anything you can tell us about Peru? We will be there in October.

  2. Very very cool ! l feel like I will know about what is going on with you guys than when you were here 🙂

    And I too will be enjoying your travels vicariously. Travel safely.

  3. Great reading, love all your personal insights. I can hear your voice and feel as though I am experiencing it with you! Miss you, Maggie and Jeff

    1. Author

      Can we do that in Prague instead, that’s our next stop? or how about Berlin?

  4. No wonder you made a healthy living as a writer! Love being ‘a fly on the wall.’ Miss not seeing you in your office, through my upstairs window, working away day and night.

    Mary Ann

  5. I am enjoying your experience vicariously! This was very brave of you and I can’t wait to talk about it in person when you return. If you go to Chile, try to go to Easter Island.


    1. Author

      Thanks Kathy. We are planning to go to Cuba in December 2016, and then on to Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and then Chile. Maybe we’ll stop by on the way to see you both.

      1. Hi Linda and Neal
        Kathy passed along the note. Be awesome if you guys could pop by. We just got back from CT seeing Esther, and I was in Jersey City this week, I may do a project with our old friends Mike Alexander and Mark Bisker from Schwab. We are off to Nashville, Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and Ann Arbor Mi. next week, Not as exciting as your trip, but better bourbon! Hope to see you in the not too distant future

      2. Yes, please do stop on your way back! We have a guest room/bath with your name on it. Have a safe trip to Berlin.


  6. Hi Linda & Neal,

    Just wanted to say hi to you (we’ve met in the train after Machu Pichu).

    We will be following your journey’s!

    I hope the ‘jump’ to new zealand goes smooth…

    greetings Wendie (& Robin)

    1. Author

      Thanks Wendie,

      Great meeting you and perhaps we’ll meet some day in some corner of the world.

      We are off today for New Zealand via Los Angeles.

      As beautiful as Peru is, New Zealand looks quite spectacular as well.

  7. Hi it was nice running in to you in Phnom Penh. Best wish for your journey along the way, I will be following.

    1. Author

      it was nice talking with you as well I hope everything worked out with your passport

  8. Hi Neal and Linda,

    Nice talking to you in Paro, Bhutan and I believe Linda had a wonderful birthday time on that day:-) I tried finding you guys at Paro airport last Sat but failed, hope you have arrived at Shanghai safe. If you have any issues or anything you’d consult with during your stay in China, please feel free to contact me. I am also well travelled, so basicially I won’t offer you some silly answers:-)

    Btw, your stories are inspiring, I will be following.

    Be safe and enjoy your trip in China!

    Eva from Shenzhen, China

    1. Author

      Hi Eva

      We looked for you as well, although we didn’t get on to the plan until the end, and were in front so we did get off right away. Thanks so such for your offer. We’re really happy you will be following us.

      We are in Shanghai, as you know, and we love it! It is a great city and becoming one of our favorites.

      Neal & Linda

      1. Hi Neal, Linda,

        Glad to know that you like Shanghai, where we call Magic city (魔都) in Chinese:-)

        Just a reminder: I know your interests are in art, architecture and maybe history, thus do not miss out Shanxi History Museum when you visit Xi’an, where you can see how great Tang Dynasty is. Of course Terracotta Warriors as well, which is truly a miracle. Well, I would pray, when you visit, there are not much crowds there: it’s horrible when they are fully packed.

        Hi Neal, the quotes from John Ruskin you put in your article are impressive, I do agree and actually have started practicing my trips in such a way. And I do like your writings, please keep it on.

        Enjoy your another day in China!


        1. Author

          Thank you Eva, and I’m glad you liked the John Ruskin quotes. Thanks also for the suggestion on the Shanxi History Museum. We’ll try to get to it when we are Xi’an. It was great meeting you and I hope some day we’ll get to meet up again on our travels.

          So far we love China. We just took a bullet train from Shanghai to Hangzhou, and it was definetky the best train trip so far. We look forward to our overnight from Xi’an to Beijing.

          Take care,
          Neal & Linda

  9. I truly enjoyed being your Wingz driver and have never been so enthralled driving a client to the airport. The time flew by and I look forward to reading more about your travels on your blog. I’m so glad I met you.

    1. Author

      Hi Debbie
      I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you as well. I liked hearing about the many things that you are involved in, and wish you much luck. I hope our paths cross again when I am in Scottsdale.

  10. Met you both tonight in Ghent. Fascinated and inspired by your journey. Looking forward to reading about your trips. And we’ll see you again soon.
    Joel and Carol

    1. Author

      We enjoyed meeting both of you. See you Thursday.

      Neal & Linda

  11. Hi Neal and Linda, It was a lovely creative coincidence meeting you the other day on the wild Atlantic Coast of Ireland!

    1. Author

      Hi Andy,

      That it was! Send me your email so I can get you together with my son-in-law in LA. He’s the one that does animation.

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