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  • Santayana Was an Optimist 

    Santayana Was an Optimist 

    We really liked the Baltic States and found the people we met to be among the nicest, warmest, and friendliest we have met during our travels, but we were troubled by some things we discovered in Lithuania. Because I didn’t realize how cool the Baltics were, we only planned to be there for three weeks,…

  • The Baltic Way

    The Baltic Way

    titleI have only a few memories of growing up during the cold war, and one of them is a scene from one of the cold war propaganda films I saw in primary school showing Estonia behind The Iron Curtain. Then, a few years ago I read The Dogs of Riga, a Swedish detective mystery by…

  • A Year and a World

    A Year and a World

    After our seven week trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, we were on yet another train, this one from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn, Estonia, when Linda asked me if I really thought the Trans-Siberian Railway trip was anything special. At least for her, it was just one more train trip out of the many we had…